BirthFIT Movement: Farmer’s Carry

The Farmer's Carry is a very useful movement that can used while standing still, walking, or even doing lunges.


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BirthFIT Movements: The Plank

The plank is solid whole body exercise that will engage in the core.The shoulders are actively engaged and push the earth away. The core is solid like a Chinese Finger Puppet. The legs are slightly externally rotated so the butt...

We LOVE Brian the Birth Guy!

Brian the Birth Guy!  Most Moms-to-be take a breastfeeding class prior to the birth of their baby. The focus is on correct latch and positioning, how to tell if the baby is getting enough nourishment, and other newborn related breastfeeding...

Today You Are You!

  Today you are YOU! As a doula, I’ve had the opportunity to witness over 75 women give birth. Every single birth teaches me something, as every single birth is different. Just as we are unique individuals, the way we...

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Deep down I felt like I knew my body and knew that CrossFit and running was ok during pregnancy, but everyone around me was quite the opposite and even made me feel bad about my choices. Now that I have this information I feel much more informed and can talk with my doctor with more confidence about what I’m doing. This was a godsend!
Charlotte E., BirthFIT Fitness
Thank you so much for putting this together. I feel much more confident now when I walk into the gym and don’t feel so intimidated by the workouts I see on the whiteboard. I know now that I’m doing the right thing for me AND my Baby
Christy L., BirthFIT Nutrition