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BIRTHFIT Ventura County: Coach Bri’s Personal Healing and Passion

I’ve written about Diastasis Recti for a few years now! Thankfully there’s more awareness, but with this, there’s even more misinformation, which is so easy to fall victim to! For a while, I documented my own struggles and frustrations with...

BIRTHFIT Kansas City: The Power of She.

    It was not long ago that women felt called to help other women, not only in the prenatal process, but the labor, postpartum, and growth and development of her child or children. Woman was more than a gender,...

BIRTHFIT Cleveland: Dr. Candace Gesicki,DC is on a Mission

2015 ended with a whirlwind of events and there is no stopping in 2016! BIRTHFIT is here in Cleveland! I am a Doctor of Chiropractic specializing in prenatal and postpartum care.  I first found BIRTHFIT in early last year and what...

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“Just wanted to let you know that your advice and recommendations to do good mornings, & to take it really slow worked fast and well for me! A week later I was able to test my side lunges and there was no pain. I also can do all the functional movements without any pain!! I can tell there’s still a lot of healing going on and strengthening left to do, but I feel much better already. Can’t say it enough for all Birthfit does & means to me; as there are not many people out there that empower moms (especially pregnant moms) and encourage them to be strong and support the fact that contrary to popular belief; we are pregnant, not disabled. THANK YOU!!!”


“BIRTHFIT is a revolutionary movement that is empowering women and changing the course of the future. BIRTHFIT is building a new type of woman—a woman who possesses not just physical strength, but strength of mind, heart, and character.”


“BIRTHFIT means empowerment to me. It means taking back control and not letting society dictate what life should or shouldn’t be. It means blazing a new trail. I truly believe that, eventually, practicing functional fitness while pregnant will become the norm… The BIRTHFIT movement is paving the way to a healthier society.”

[Marissa, New York]

“Before I gave birth to my daughter exercising was easy. I was an avid runner. I liked to box, lift weights, and go to Pure Barre. Pregnancy kicked my ass. Even though I was fit I wasn’t prepared for the energy drain that growing a baby took. I started to work out less and less. At the end of my pregnancy I was on bed rest for preeclampsia.
After my daughter was born I was tasked with getting fit again. I had no idea where to start beyond walking. BIRTHFIT really helped me a lot. Not only did it help me slowly get moving, but moving with purpose. I was also able to talk about emotional mommy things like my birth story and breastfeeding. After just a couple of workouts I felt strong again and that was a really empowering feeling for me. I don’t want to just have my prebaby body back; I want to be strong, fit, and able in order to be good role model for my daughter. BIRTHFIT was the foundation to getting back into my exercising groove.”


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