Pelvic Floor Dysfunction with Dr. Lindsay Mumma, DC

Dr. Lindsay Mumma, DC of Raleigh, North Carolina discusses pelvic floor dysfunction. If you are in the Raleigh, NC area, I suggest you go meet Dr. Mumma very soon. She's a rockstar!


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A Breech Baby Should Not Mean Automatic Cesarean

I have a client right now who is 35 weeks pregnant with baby number two. Mom is healthy, educated, and financially stable. Mom trains smart two to three times a week, practices her HypnoBirthing ® during her lunch hours, and...

Femme Royale and BIRTHFIT: Saturday, May 9th!

In honor of all the mothers and soon-to-be mothers, BIRTHFIT has teamed up with Femme Royale to offer an exhibition workout for those women that are pregnant at Femme Royale’s all women competition at Citizen Crossfit on Saturday, May 9th,...

BIRTHFIT BOSTON: Partners in Perinatal Health 26th Annual Conference

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015 just outside of Boston, MA there will be the Partners in Perinatel Health 26th Annual Conference. The mission of this conference is bring non-profit organizations together with a continued effort at improving the quality of health care...

What Our Clients Are Saying

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Deep down I felt like I knew my body and knew that CrossFit and running was ok during pregnancy, but everyone around me was quite the opposite and even made me feel bad about my choices. Now that I have this information I feel much more informed and can talk with my doctor with more confidence about what I’m doing. This was a godsend!
Charlotte E., BirthFIT Fitness
Thank you so much for putting this together. I feel much more confident now when I walk into the gym and don’t feel so intimidated by the workouts I see on the whiteboard. I know now that I’m doing the right thing for me AND my Baby
Christy L., BirthFIT Nutrition