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A Look Inside our Programming

Many women and men assume that they know how BIRTHFIT training goes. Many coaches assume that if they make a few modifications here and there that all is well for the pregnant mother. Many doctors, birth educators (I’m a birth…

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BIRTHFIT Interview: Jill Farmar

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What Are the Upper Limits?

    Let’s Talk Training Awareness   We talk a lot about training. In fact, I try to keep the conversation very positive, empowering, and uplifting. I believe in the power of your environment and self-talk. However, just as in…

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Walk the Talk

WALK THE TALK   I do not count calories or do portion control. I’m just not good at shit like that. In fact, I probably weigh myself once a year. If it does not taste good, I will not eat…

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An Epic Human Being: Bethany Hamilton

Monday is for videos. This Monday is dedicated to the beautiful spirit in our world we call Bethany Hamilton. Born and raised in Hawaii, Bethany Hamilton grew up surfing. Search Youtube and you can find some videos on her surfing…

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The BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series: VENICE, CA

The BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series: VENICE, CA   April and June 2015 Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am-11am   Space is limited. Reserve your spot now by emailing For inquires about other locations throughout the country, please use as well.   Trust…

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Practicing Self-Love: It’s the Opposite of Selfishness

  Indulging in acts of self-care used to leave me feeling dirty and shameful. Commitments to my family, Air Force career, CrossFit gym, and community service rendered me non-present in my own life. Taking even more time for self care…

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Easy Breezy Supplementation

HOW TO SUPPLEMENT WHEN YOU’RE PREGNANT AND BREASTFEEDING   Supplementing during pregnancy and while breastfeeding can be scary – especially since many vitamins aren’t tightly regulated. How do you know what to take? Are you taking enough, or too much?…

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      I am Lindsey Mathews. I am the founder of BIRTHFIT. I am also a Doctor of Chiropractic, Webster Certified and obtaining my ICPA Diplomat, a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (Strongman & Powerlifting as well), a birth doula,…

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