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Resources for Newly Pregnant Mamas

Since we are talking this week about pregnancy and birth planning/visualizing, I put together a list of a few of our favorite books. Browsing the Pregnancy section at any bookstore can be mind-numbing, so instead of reading the typical “What…

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[VIDEO] Oh Sh*t, I’m Pregnant- Week 2

  WORKOUT: 3 Rounds: 500m row/400m run 10 Ring Rows 8  Seated Strict Press w/Dumbells NOTES AND MODIFICATIONS: Be sure to keep a conversational pace. Rest as needed. The strict press can be done sitting on a box. Use medium…

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The Who and Why Behind Diastasis Recti

What’s up with Diastasis Recti? By: Dr. Lindsay Mumma, DC, and Dr. Lindsey Mathews, D.C.   What is Diastasis Recti? Diastasis Recti (or DRA) is the separation of the linea alba, connective tissue, that connects each of your six-pack or…

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Melissa Hemphill’s Empowering Birth Story

The birth story below was written by Melissa for the BirthFIT audience. It is as much educational as it is beautiful and empowering. It is apparent that Melissa was strong physically, but it was her mental game that got her…

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[Video] Oh Sh*t, I’m Pregnant – Week 1!

  WORKOUT Complete 10-8-6-4-2: Alternating Pistols (or Modifications) Reverse Push-Ups (From Knees, Toes, or Kipping) ***REST AS NEEDED AMRAP 10: 200′ OH Plate Carry 12 Knees to Elbow   NOTES & MODIFICATIONS You definitely do not have to do both…

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[VIDEO] BirthFIT: More Than Just Fit

  Happy Friday to you! Here’s a little video about why we have 4 Pillars of BirthFIT, and why there’s more to pregnancy than just being “fit.” WORKOUT A. Warm up with an easy 500m row or 800m run/jog/walk B….

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Chemical-Free Skincare AKA How I Healed My Skin With Oil

Pregnancy: A time of many transformations. Some of them you expect- mostly in the area of your belly. But then sometimes there are other changes that are a complete mystery. Some people’s feet get bigger. Some people’s skin changes. Sometimes…

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[Video] Meet Dr. Lindsey Mathews

Meet Lindsey Mathews. Part chiro, part coach, part badass.  Lindsey is one of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet, and I knew in the first 5 minutes of talking with her that she and I were going to be…

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[Video] Mind Training Tips

Make Sh*t Happen is a goal setting group I lead out of DEUCE Gym. This group is more than just a bunch of people writing down their hopes and dreams and never achieving them. This is a group that holds…

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Kippy’s Ice Cream Shop

Kippy’s Ice Cream Shop may just be the next best thing to heaven. This little gem of a shop popped up down the street from DEUCE Gym and Whole Foods Market Venice this last year. Kippy and Max are behind…

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