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[VIDEO] The Squat

  The All Might Squat. The squat is the best functional movement and one of the greatest diagnostic tools as a doctor. As a movement,  the squat promotes mobility, strength, and balance. The squat enhances the dynamic function of the…

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Meet Regional Director: Abby Kramer

Meet BirthFIT Regional Director: Abby Kramer of Chicago!    A Little About Abby… I am Abby Kramer. I am a wife, mama to two cockapoos, lover of fitness, movement, and the bodies beautiful ability to heal itself.  I am a…

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[Video] BirthFIT Postpartum Class Testimonial

  Our next BirthFIT Postpartum Class Series is now open for registration! This 4 week class series is designed to help get you moving, activated, and mobilized in order to get back into your fitness routine post-baby. You may notice…

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[VIDEO] Hayley’s Birth Story

  Hayley has been a competitive CrossFitter in the UK for a few years now. It was a blessing in disguise when she found out she was pregnant. Hayley reached out to BirthFIT because she had a few goals in…

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Meet Regional Director: Dr. Erica Boland, DC

      Meet Regional Director: Dr. Erica Boland, DC of Wisconsin!  Dr. Erica Boland, DC is the mom to three handsome boys in Wisconsin. Both Erica and her husband are doctors of chiropractic- Coulee Health Spine & BodyWorks. Erica…

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[VIDEO] Interview with New Mom Jeri

Jeri Shanteau has been an athlete her whole life. Both her and her husband swam in college at Auburn. They both took it to the next level training for and competing in triathlons and her husband Eric even training for…

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Pregnancy, Muscles, and More.

Pregnancy, Muscles, & More.    There is more and more research happening in the realm of prenatal fitness. People are debunking old wives tales like “don’t lift more than blah blah” and “don’t let your heart exceed a certain beats…

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Meet BirthFIT Regional Director: Dr. Jamie Wuistinger, DC

  Dr. Jamie Wuistinger is a chiropractor in the DFW area. Jamie and her husband, Courtney, are actively involved in their local CrossFit Community- CrossFit Bolt in Coppell, TX. Jamie continued to workout and see patients throughout her pregnancy. She…

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[VIDEO] BirthFIT Yoga: Third Trimester

  Below is a hip sequence led by the lovely Jen Warren. She has led the BirthFIT Community through a yoga sequence in an earlier blog. In this video she is in her third trimester. Since this video she has…

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Meet BirthFIT Regional Director: Lindsay Mumma, DC

Meet Lindsay Mumma, DC- our Regional Director for the North Carolina region! She is a mother, wife, chiropractor, and CrossFitter. Check out her bio on our website, and be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook.   Be Informed….

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