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BIRTHFIT Testimonial

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A Breech Baby Should Not Mean Automatic Cesarean

I have a client right now who is 35 weeks pregnant with baby number two. Mom is healthy, educated, and financially stable. Mom trains smart two to three times a week, practices her HypnoBirthing ® during her lunch hours, and…

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Femme Royale and BIRTHFIT: Saturday, May 9th!

In honor of all the mothers and soon-to-be mothers, BIRTHFIT has teamed up with Femme Royale to offer an exhibition workout for those women that are pregnant at Femme Royale’s all women competition at Citizen Crossfit on Saturday, May 9th,…

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BIRTHFIT BOSTON: Partners in Perinatal Health 26th Annual Conference

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015 just outside of Boston, MA there will be the Partners in Perinatel Health 26th Annual Conference. The mission of this conference is bring non-profit organizations together with a continued effort at improving the quality of health care…

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Upcoming Events: BIRTHFIT Around the Nation

APRIL 2015 (CLICK ON THE CITIES FOR THE LINKS)  Venice, CA The BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series: Tuesday and Thursday at 10am   Raleigh, NC The BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series: Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30pm   West Salem, WI The BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series:…

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The Truth about Fish

    THE TRUTH ABOUT FISH, MERCURY TOXCICITY, & PREGNANCY   For many women, the day they find out they’re pregnant is the day they say goodbye to things like alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes and fish. At first glance you might…

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BIRTHFIT MOVEMENT: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

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A Look Inside our Programming

Many women and men assume that they know how BIRTHFIT training goes. Many coaches assume that if they make a few modifications here and there that all is well for the pregnant mother. Many doctors, birth educators (I’m a birth…

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BIRTHFIT Interview: Jill Farmar

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What Are the Upper Limits?

    Let’s Talk Training Awareness   We talk a lot about training. In fact, I try to keep the conversation very positive, empowering, and uplifting. I believe in the power of your environment and self-talk. However, just as in…

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