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BirthFIT Movements: The Plank

The plank is solid whole body exercise that will engage in the core.The shoulders are actively engaged and push the earth away. The core is solid like a Chinese Finger Puppet. The legs are slightly externally rotated so the butt…

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We LOVE Brian the Birth Guy!

Brian the Birth Guy!  Most Moms-to-be take a breastfeeding class prior to the birth of their baby. The focus is on correct latch and positioning, how to tell if the baby is getting enough nourishment, and other newborn related breastfeeding…

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Today You Are You!

  Today you are YOU! As a doula, I’ve had the opportunity to witness over 75 women give birth. Every single birth teaches me something, as every single birth is different. Just as we are unique individuals, the way we…

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BirthFIT Movement: Farmer’s Carry

  The Farmers Carry is a movement that can be done just standing in one place, walking, or even while lunging. Remember to keep your shoulder back and down as if you were placing your scapula in your back pockets….

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Labor and Delivery Involves Aerobic as well as Anaerobic Energy Systems

As many of you know, BirthFIT offers remote programming as well as one-on-one training in Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX for pregnant women. Our training is deliberate with the focus on being physically and mentally fit to take on…

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20 weeks.

BirthFIT Brings You a Soul Cycle Celebration

Hello Los Angeles!  We are bringing you a Soul Cycle Celebration on Thursday, September 4th at 1pm. Soul Cycle is welcoming all pregnant women (regulars and non-regulars) in this lunch hour class at no charge. We will be there to…

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Putting in some work in the gym.

The Turkish Getup

The Turkish Getup   Training Every Minute on the Minute for 12 minutes: Perform 2 Turkish Getups. *Alternate arms each round.   2 Rounds for time:  200m Run or 400m Walk 20 Squats 15 Push Ups 10 Pull Ups 5…

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Emily & I with Ms WrightsWay. Follow her!

Cedars-Sinai Third Annual Gathering of Los Angeles Birth Community [RECAP]

Last night we attend The Cedars-Sinai Third Annual Gathering of Los Angeles Birth Community. I’m completely in awe and wanted to share with you all.   This was the third gathering of MD’s, CNM’s, Home Birth Midwives, Doulas, RN’s, Birth…

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Postpartum: When Your Identity is Intertwined with Athletics

To everyone who read my birth story, I’m sorry. Not only did I glaze right over the transition from competition-fitness goals to birth-fitness goals, but I made it sound like this mental/emotional transition was seamless. The truth of the matter…

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[Video] Downward Dog

Downward Dog  The downward dog pose is as much a decompression and stretch as it is an inversion. During this pose, I want you to think about really pushing your thighs back and your heels into the ground as your…

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