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    We find that effortlessly, chic style is hard to come by in the pregnancy and postpartum world. This is why our very own Style Consultant, Roxanna, has put together some easy-to-find options for us. Now, you have a…

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Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Low Back Pain & Pregnancy   Pregnancy can bring on many aches and pains as the body goes through many physical changes throughout pregnancy. Hormones released during pregnancy relax ligaments, muscles and joints which can cause instability. Women also naturally…

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[VIDEO] BIRTHFIT: Two Minute Drill

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Personal Training in West Los Angeles

    At BIRTHFIT HQ in Venice, CA, we offer one-on-one personal training. Dr. Lindsey Mathews, DC and Coach Emily Russak are available to train women that are pregnant or postpartum six days a week. Both, Dr. Lindsey and Emily,…

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Running for Two

It seems the days of bed rest are over. Women of all walks of life are continuing to remain active throughout their pregnancy, and with incredible results. Further, women are now treating their pregnancy as THE athletic event of their…

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Happy Mother’s Day!

  Video: Coffee Blocks

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BIRTHFIT Workshop Saturday, June 20th

You have asked! We have listened!   Dalton CrossFit will be hosting a BIRTHFIT Workshop. This is a four-hour workshop dedicated to women that are pregnant, postpartum, or even thinking of getting pregnant one day. Trainers, coaches, and others that work…

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A Beautiful Home Birth

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Michel Odent talks In-Labor, Pre-Emergency Cesarean Birth

Today I had the most certain pleasure of seeing, listening, and discussing with Michel Odent. I missed the legend when he came last year and was not going to miss it twice. Over the past week I was involved with…

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BIRTHFIT Testimonial

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