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All Hail the Uterus

The Uterus is a misunderstood part of the pregnancy and labor process but is the most important, in my opinion, to learn about and understand in order to have a healthier, easier pregnancy and labor.   A few interesting facts…

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What is Hypnobirthing®?

Hypnobirthing® The Mongan Method is a philosophy as much as it is a technique. Marie Mongan, a hypnotherapist, used her experiences birthing her children and the theories of Dr. Grantly Dick-Read to develop the Hypnobirthing® program for her own daughter and friends. Word…

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Doing What You Love

  Kristi Olivares surfed throughout her pregnancy- all 40 weeks of it. This is an older video that we have shared in the past (before the BIRTHFIT community was as big as it is today). However, it is so important that…

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Baby Got Back (Labor)

Back Labor You may have had back labor during your first pregnancy. Or, you may have had lower back and sacrum pain throughout the second half of your pregnancy. Some of the time that is related to the position of…

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PRs During Pregnancy???

  (If you have been advised by your midwife or doctor to hold off on exercising, then you need to listen to them until they give you the green light ‘GO’. )     Setting Personal Bests During Pregnancy??? The…

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BirthFIT Los Angeles Resource: Berlin Wellness

Visit Berlin Wellness to find out about any upcoming workshops or classes that may interest you during your pregnancy or as a new parent.       TRAINING    ROOKIE 20 Overhead Walking Lunges (Use 10 lb Plate)   Then,…

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The Vaccine Debate & Why It’s Unfair

***I am a chiropractor. I cannot and do not want to make YOUR clinical decisions with regards to vaccines. These decisions are YOUR DECISIONS. ***   All too often new parents come to me asking me what they should do…

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BirthFIT Orange County Resource: Sun Kissed Athletes

Sun Kissed Athletes Meet the lovely ladies that make up Sun Kissed Athletes. These are two moms with a passion for motherhood and fitness. Both of the women in this super fun duo live in Orange County. If you are in the…

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Babywearing Workshop Saturday, November 8th

  Babywearing Workshop  This Saturday, November 8th at 10am Ivonne Gonzales of Hip Mommy will be leading a Babywearing 101 Workshop at The Art of Birthing Center in Marina Del Rey. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER   Class Description This class…

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Get Sleep

Sleep may be the most underrated variable that can contribute to one’s health. One of the questions I often ask on my initial visits with clients is how many hours of sleep they get on average a night. I then…

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