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Meet Your 2016 BIRTHFIT Affiliate Team

Each year during the holidays, our BIRTHFIT HQ team sifts through applications in hopes of finding the next BIRTHFIT Affiliates. Two years and counting! This past December we had a record number of applications. I’m not even kidding when I…

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PP IG Testimonial

“BIRTHFIT was the single best thing I did for myself postpartum.”

  The BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series has been such a hit in the various affiliate locations throughout the United States. So, we transferred a lot of the material into the Queen In Training ebook. This postpartum training guide has loads of videos…

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The Mother’s Microbiome Matters- Why Do You Think We Are Doing The Whole 30?

More and more research is coming out that uterus is not a sterile (as in clean slate or start from scratch) environment. The womb in which the baby develops, matures, grows is not isolated. Pregnancy is not a free pass…

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3 Questions to Answer Before Starting The Whole 30

Mindset Tips Before Starting the Whole 30 Challenge In my work around nutrition, I do not advocate diets because research shows us that 96% of people who lose weight on a weight loss diet gain it back within a year…

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Los Angeles: Chiropractic Care with Dr. Lindsey Mathews

I am the Founder of BIRTHFIT. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic, a Birth Doula, a HypnoBirthing Practitioner, and an ICEA Childbirth Educator. I have experience in the sports and performance world, within a childbirth setting, and my childbirth doctorate program and…

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BIRTHFIT MOVEMENT: Dr. Erica from Coulee Health

Do you have any lower back and/or tailbone pain or discomfort? Have you been told that you have pelvic floor instability?   Try this series of movements. You may wan to spend more time strengthening your core in bird dog…

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BIRTHFIT COACH: Brianna Battles

BRIANNA BATTLES is the newest BIRTHFIT Coach!  Check out her website: Everyday Battles & read her very first interview she did with BIRTHFIT over a year ago!       Compare training during pregnancy to training prior to pregnancy. My…

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Let’s Get December Poppin’!


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C-Sections and The Big Picture

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (with the assistance of some researchers and medical doctors) issued an Obstetric Care Consensus statement: Safe Prevention of the Primary Cesarean Delivery recently. The statement is a bit longer…

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