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mantra- my baby. my body. my birth.

Let’s Play, What Would YOU Do?

Women’s choices are often times limited by what is available within their city. This is especially true in rural America where there may only be one general practitioner or one midwife.   Some women will pack and move to a…

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Common Movements for Breech Babies

Last week I had a patient come see me based on her doctor’s recommendation. The client was 27 weeks and her doctor mentioned that her baby was breech. Not a big deal because most babies will continue to move around until...
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Childbirth Aid Provides Shortcut, Problems

And, in other news, we have the first device that will open a woman’s cervix and pull the baby out, ready or not! I’ve been a little in shock of the media headlines lately. I think I had to pick…

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The Uterus is Pretty Awesome.

“There is no other organ quite like the uterus. If men had such an organ they would brag about it. So should we.” -Ina May Gaskin   The uterus is a female organ in which the growing fetus develops. One…

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