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Femme Royale and BIRTHFIT: Saturday, May 9th!

In honor of all the mothers and soon-to-be mothers, BIRTHFIT has teamed up with Femme Royale to offer an exhibition workout for those women that are pregnant at Femme Royale’s all women competition at Citizen Crossfit on Saturday, May 9th,…

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The BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series

As February comes to a close, there are a handful of BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series that wrapped this week. To me, this is closure on such a special, empowering series and the birth of confident new mothers. For many of these…

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Is Your Junk in the Trunk Optimally Functioning?

Let’s talk about the pelvis; specifically the sacrum. This bone plays a huge role in biomechanics throughout lifebut especially during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the postpartum period. Did you know there are 35 muscles that attach to the sacrum?…

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Baby Got Back (Labor)

Back Labor You may have had back labor during your first pregnancy. Or, you may have had lower back and sacrum pain throughout the second half of your pregnancy. Some of the time that is related to the position of…

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Bringing Sexy Back

Bringing SEXY Back! Sex brought that baby into this… now, let sexiness help that baby out! Seriously, though.  One of the most important yet oft-ignored ingredients to a rockin’ labor and delivery is a sexy, intimate mood. I’m not saying you…

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BirthFIT: Soul Cycle Celebration

  We want to extend a BIG THANK YOU to Soul Cycle Santa Monica for having the BirthFIT Community! The instructors and staff welcomed all the prenatal and postpartum mamas with open arms and a dance party. Thank you to…

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Putting in some work in the gym.

The Turkish Getup

The Turkish Getup   Training Every Minute on the Minute for 12 minutes: Perform 2 Turkish Getups. *Alternate arms each round.   2 Rounds for time:  200m Run or 400m Walk 20 Squats 15 Push Ups 10 Pull Ups 5…

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[VIDEO] The Squat

  The All Might Squat. The squat is the best functional movement and one of the greatest diagnostic tools as a doctor. As a movement,  the squat promotes mobility, strength, and balance. The squat enhances the dynamic function of the…

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Movement is Freedom

What are we training for? Labor and Delivery. Birth. Fitness is one of the four pillars of BirthFIT. Movement is freedom. Movement is life. Embrace movement. Workout EMOM 10 min 3 Strict Press (Increasing weight as needed). Complete the following:…

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DEUCE is Magical

This past Saturday we had the Grand Opening Party for DEUCE Gym. The party was a blast with so many friends and family, a reggae band, and lots of barbeque all under the sun. We could not have asked for…

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