Our Regional Directors are the hands-on, in-person, got-your-back representatives of the Four Pillars of BIRTHFIT around the world.

Need some prenatal, birth or postpartum support?
Find a Regional Director in your area and get plugged in.


Find a Regional Director

Our Regional Directors are all over the world. They are doulas, chiropractors, coaches, nutritionists, moms, and most importantly—birth fanatics. They embody all that BIRTHFIT stands for and they stand ready to help you be successful in your pregnancy, birth & postpartum journey.


Apply to be a Regional Director

Our Regional Directors represent BIRTHFIT and the four pillars we hold so dear to our everyday lifestyles. When you apply to be a BIRTHFIT Regional Director, you are applying to represent your city and be a leader in your community. You are applying to be the go-to resource for women in your community. You are expected to lead from the front and to set up a solid network around you.



BIRTHFIT Regional Directors offer a wide variety of services to help you become #birthfit at any stage of the Motherhood Transition. Different Regional Directors might offer different services, based on their skill set and context. These are the only people trained in the BIRTHFIT curriculum and classes. That means, they are the only ones that can host BIRTHFIT services as they have undergone six months of online, hands-on, and mentor-mentee training.

Connect with a Regional Director in your area to find out what specifically he or she can offer you.

A few examples of programs and services offered by our Regional Directors are:

The BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series

Doula Services


The BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series

Prenatal Fitness Coaching

Postpartum Fitness Coaching


...and more! 


Want to know what the Postpartum Series is all about?


Let's ask Dr. Jamie, Regional Director of BIRTHFIT Dallas.