Counting calories is a thing of the past.

“Low fat” “Reduced fat”

“Whole grain”

“Low calories”


“Fat free”


Anything that states this on the wrapper or packaging is the exact product that I stay clear of. To even call this real food is not the truth. When packages say a phrase like the ones mentioned above they are usually load with corn syrup, cornstarch, sugar, and soybean oil and many preservatives. Do you really want to eat something that has hydrogenated vegetable oil as an ingredient? This is synthetic, artificial food. This does more harm than good for your body. Stay clear of these impostors.

When shopping at the grocery store, the number one rule I abide by is to stay on the perimeter of the grocery store. Shopping on the outer limits of the store is where the produce resides, the butcher and the seafood department exist, and even your eggs. The only time I step into the center of the grocery store is to get coconut oil, spices, or paper goods.

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Whole grains don’t care about you but rather about survival. Human consumption basically means death to grains. Low fat or fat free is about the worst idea I’ve ever heard. And, calorie counting was maybe cool in the 1980s for a brief moment in time.

Know the foods that you consume. Avoid processed foods. Stick to the colorful foods that don’t make any bogus claims. Choose grass-fed meats and wild-caught seafood. The food you eat will either help you or harm you. Hopefully, the food you choose helps your body.

1000m Row
-Rest as needed (3-5 minutes)
EMOM 12 minutes
Advanced (95#), Intermediate (65-75#), Beginner (45#)
2 Hang power cleans
3 Front squats