Take care of yourself.

This weekend marks the start of the CrossFit Games Regionals. CrossFit has outlined four weekends for regional competition at various locations across the globe. These three-day competitions are truly a test of one’s fitness as well as his/her mental and emotional capacity. I love seeing these competitions and all that the human body is capable of. It’s truly amazing. As most of you know, half of my time is spent treating pregnant and postpartum women, while the other half is spent treating athletes (amateurs and professionals). I’ve treated numerous athletes in my past including soccer and baseball players, track and field athletes, NBA players, and even golfers on the professional tour. There is not one other type of athlete, and I say this with confidence, that demands of their body what a CrossFit athlete demands of their body.

Almost a year ago, I wrote an article for Breaking Muscle titled The Missing Link. The article discusses how if an athlete wants longevity and optimal performance out of their body then they need to treat it properly. I still believe that this article is one of the best that I’ve ever written. It speaks the truth. Read it if you have not.

As Regionals takes off these next four weekends, I can guarantee the athletes that will prevail are those that take care of themselves on a regular basis and pay attention to recovery. Those athletes that properly cool down, mobilize, hydrate, and get treatment are those that will outlast other athletes- today, tomorrow, and years to come.

Professional athlete or new mom-to-be … Take care of yourself properly.



4 Rounds

60m KB front rack position walking lunges (down and back)

5 KB Cleans

5 KB Push Press

120m Shuttle (down and back, down and back)

-Rest 2 min-


  • Advanced: 35#, Intermediate: 26#, Beginner: 8# or less.
  • Substitute running for a 250m Row or take it out.