BirthFIT Seminar Recap


photo-16 This weekend I hosted our BirthFIT Pregnancy seminar at CrossFit Central in Austin, Tx. We had a very diverse group in attendance. Not only did we have pregnant women, but we had coaches, a writer, and a local area OBGYN in attendance. This is exactly why we do these seminars- to reach the largest audience possible. We want to empower pregnant women to take charge of their pregnancies and be confident in their decisions regarding exercise, nutrition and labor options, but equally as important is training the coaches who work with them.

Coaches (and other care providers) need to be armed with the tools and knowledge to be able to provide the best, most recent care and programming to ALL women- pregnant or post-baby. As more and more information becomes available, coaches and gym owners will, undoubtedly, find more and more types of people in their classes- including pregnant women.

The pregnant women at the seminar gave some great insight and perspective to those that weren’t pregnant. And the coaches were able to see, first hand, what some of the struggles were for expecting moms who might be in their classes at the gym. Of course it was an added bonus to have an OBGYN in the room- especially one who is a CrossFitter and follows a Paleo lifestyle!

All in all it was a fabulous gathering of minds, and I was reminded, once again, why we do what we do. These women will continue their journeys towards motherhood with a whole new perspective, armed with knowledge, tools, and confidence to make the best decisions possible for themselves and their babies.

Stay tuned for more seminars this Spring and Summer.

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5 min AMPRAP:

10 KB swings

10 Medball Slams

10 Double Unders/30 Single Unders

4 min AMPRAP:

10 Goblet squats

10 Pushups

5/5 KB Cleans

3 min AMRAP:

10 Box Jumps/Step ups

5 Strict Pullups

2 min AMRAP:

50 yard shuttles between 2 cones

1 min AMRAP: