Meet Regional Director: Dr. Erica Boland, DC


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Meet Regional Director: Dr. Erica Boland, DC of Wisconsin! 

Dr. Erica Boland, DC is the mom to three handsome boys in Wisconsin. Both Erica and her husband are doctors of chiropractic- Coulee Health Spine & BodyWorks. Erica is also a birth doula and personal trainer. To say she can handle more than one thing at a time is definitely an understatement. Erica knows the body as good as anyone I've met. If you are in the Wisconsin area, then do yourself a favor and stop by her office or even just give her call.


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A Little About Erica....

I am Erica Boland, mother of three vibrant boys, chiropractor, birth doula and trainer. In 2007 the birth of my oldest son inspired me to help women become informed and take a more active role in health care decisions, especially during pregnancy . I am beyond passionate about childbirth (some may say I’m addicted) and have been a birth doula since 2010. I am a chiropractor along side my husband at our practice, Coulee Health, in southwest Wisconsin. I coach kettlebell and kickboxing classes at Eupraxia, a local gym and strive to be the example of health for those around me. Through all that I do I hope to continue to help women become empowered by awakening them to their true potential.


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BirthFIT Training 



10 Min of Work:

10 KB Swings (Russian Style)

100’ Farmers Carry

*Pick a weight that you can do 10 swings in a row.



10 Min of Work:

15 Double KB Swings (Russian Style)

100’ Farmers Carry

*Pick a weight for the double KB in which you can do 15-20 in a row.



10 Min of Work:

20 Double KB Swings (Russian Style)

100’ Farmers Carry

*Pick a weight for the KBs that you know you can do the first two sets unbroken.



  • The goal is to make each round unbroken. This is more of a mental challenge. KB Swings go right into Farmers Carry. Then you can set the KBs down and rest as needed.
  • Make note of the rounds you do unbroken and the rounds you do with a break.
  • If you are at a point in your pregnancy where you need to break it up, then do two sets of 5 minutes with a 5 minute rest between.