BirthFIT Los Angeles Personal Trainer: Emily Russak

Meet Emily "Embo" Russak

I am Emily.

I am an athlete.

I am a coach at DEUCE Gym.

I’m proud to call the University of San Diego my alma mater.

I thrive on helping people move and break through physical and mental barriers.

I live my life out loud.

I have a passion for babies and mamas that only gets stronger with age.

I want to live my life inspiring and empowering women to make great choices for their body and mind through fitness, nutrition, and education.

I am an influencer.





Emily is a Los Angeles based coach. She has experience in weightlifting, yoga, spinning, and much more. During the past year, Emily has worked with myself (Dr. Lindsey Mathews, DC) to better understand the body in relation to pregnancy and postpartum. Emily has spent hours coaching classes at DEUCE Gym as well as personally training clients (both pregnant, postpartum, and not pregnant at all). For any one in West LA that is looking to train smart during their pregnancy, Emily is our "GO TO GIRL"!

If you are interested in training with Emily Russak, please email



5 Rounds:

25' Bear Crawl

10 Alternating Kettle Bell Snatches

25' Bear Crawl

10 Squats



  • Rookie: Go at your own pace. Pick a weight that you can press overhead with no problem. Alternate between right and left for each rep.
  • Prospect: If you are feeling good, then make this into intervals. Try a one to one (1:1) work to rest scenario. Pick a KB that you can press overhead with no issues. Perhaps between 15-35lbs.
  • All-Star: Try interval style just as mentioned above. However, try to start a new round every 2 minutes. Pick a KB that you can press overhead and maybe one that's a little heavier than what you would swing with.

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