Encapsulate Your Placenta; Austin, TX


Encapsulate Your Placenta 

We talk a lot about postpartum fitness but there are a ton of other subjects that need to be addressed during the postpartum phase aka the FOURTH TRIMESTER. Most fourth trimester subject matters can be addressed and planned for while you are pregnant. One of these particular subject matters is the placenta. You may here about it a lot and may not be entirely sure what the best thing to do with your placenta is after your deliver it. This video is of a placenta encapsulator in Austin, TX. Lindsey Roberts was intrigued by the benefits of the placenta and got into it when she had her two kids. Lindsey has years of experience and serves the Austin, TX area.


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[vc_video link="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5QpKv7-6Pc"]



45 min of Aerobic Activity (heart rate stays constant in 130-150bpm)

*Running, Rowing, Swimming, Hiking, Burpees on the minute, etc