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Meet the Doula: Emily Russak

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Emily “Embo” Russak is not only a local Los Angeles based BIRTHFIT coach; she is now a doula in the Los Angeles area. In order to complete her doula certification, Emily needs to attend a few births as a volunteer. That’s right you pay nothing!
Emily is a passionate, educated woman that will assist with you and your partner's birth preferences. Emily is as strong as she is sweet. Her positive, radiant energy is infectious to all those around her. If you are in the Los Angeles area and would like to setup a consultation with Emily to be your doula, please email
Emily’s dance card is filling up, so reach out for your fall 2014 or spring 2015 birth!









400m Walk

20 Back Squats with PVC  or 15 lb Barbell

20 Alternating Lunges

20 Ring Rows or Bent Over Rows



800m Run  (or Walk)

20 Back Squats (PVC or no higher than 115 lbs; from rack)

20 Box Jumps, Step-ups, or Lunges

20 Ring Rows or Pull-ups (W/ Assistance)



1 mile Run (or Walk)

20 Back Squats (125lbs- 175lbs; Bodyweight or less from rack)

20 Box Jumps or Step-Ups

20 Ring Rows or Pull-ups



  • If you do not have access to ring rows, then do bent over rows or even renegade rows with dumb bells. You can also do strict pull-ups in place of rows.
  • Rest as you want throughout the workout. Once you have completed the list, then you have completed the workout.
  • Your legs are going to feel a bit like jell-o.
  • For the rookie, the back squat is attained through the use of a PVC or light barbell. As the athlete’s experience increases, a workout like this may be done from the rack at bodyweight (taking a few breaks between back squats).


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