March 2016: BIRTHFIT Online Group Coaching Day 4


Posture and Breath Awareness

Check-in with yourself. Use this as an opportunity to deepen your bond with baby.

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Movement / Mobility / Activations

Be sure to include the Functional Progression (10 of Each) in your warm-up routine.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Today is an upper body/extremity focus day. Be sure to get shoulders and mid back mobile and warm.
Chest Opener– 2 Minutes


Shoulder Activations. Use 10-20 reps for each movement in the video.

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Skill / Strength 

We worked on the bench press two days ago. So, today we are focusing on gymnastic movements for the upper body.
Strict Pull-ups
+Use bands for both movements.
+Choose a band on scaling option in which you could do the set of 5 all together or in two sets.
+If pull-ups are not in the cards for you, then do RING ROWS.

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Today's focus is a mono-structural conditioning day. Pick one of the movements/activities below. The idea is to move at about 50-70% of your intensity and find an almost meditative pace. For the sled pull, this must be a WALK with the weight dragging behind you.

2k Row

20 Min Swim

30 Minute Jog

1 Mile Sled Pull (25-60lbs)

45 Minute Walk

Accessory Work 

3 x 12 Dumb Bell Roll Backs


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