March 2016: BIRTHFIT Online Coaching Bonus


Let's start to wake the body up and get the blood moving. Row or bike for 5-10 minutes. 

Check in with your posture. Put on a favorite song and breathe! (The video says postpartum but it's too good not to share). Do this for 5 minutes.

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When you are done breathing and meditating, I want you to start to warm up the core and posterior chain. Today's focus is on the lower half. 

Functional Progression Part 2 MODIFIED. I want to spend some time dialing in this movement. As this will be super important for postpartum healing. Perform 25 reps on each side. Nice and slow and controlled.

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The standing pigeon stretch is a great modification to the general pigeon stretch that we may see in a yoga class. Spend 2 minutes on each side.

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The single leg kettle bell deadlift. Perform 3 x 10 each side. You can increase the weight with each set as we are still warming up.

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Today is back squat day. You have FIVE working sets of FIVE. Warm-up appropriately and take adequate rest between each set of FIVE. Only make lifts that you know that you can make!
Back Squats

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Everyone loves a chipper;) The following workout is long, so find a nice pace and just move. Pick a set of dumb bells for the front rack lunges that you could do about 20-25 in a row before needing a break. When you get to the air squats, practice your breathing and/or squat to something like a box. For the med ball slams, pick a weight (4-10lbs) that you can perform 10-14 reps before needing a break. The hang power clean can be done with a barbell or dumb bells. Pick a weight here that you can do 5-8 reps in a row before needing a break. Push-up modification should still allow you to go through the full range of motion.
Complete the following:
750m Row or 800m Run/Walk
50 Front Rack Dumb Bell Lunges
40 Air Squats 
30 Side to Side Med Ball Slams 
20 Hang Power Clean and Press 
10 Modified Push-Ups



Step 1: Perform 10 reps on each arm while keeping your legs in neutral and spine engaged.
Step 2: Perform 10 reps on each leg while keeping your arms in neutral and spine engaged.
Step 3: Perform 10 reps on each side with both the opposite arm and opposite leg.

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