May 2016: Prenatal Programming Day 12


Prenatal Warm-Up  Diastasis Recti Abdominis Video. We are working on some awesome free, educational materials for diastasis recti abdominis. If you are under the impression that this is just your abs splitting and you need that golden exercise to help fix it, you are missing the point. DRA is a symptom in which your body is communicating to you that something is off within the entire system. This is a hot topic in the fitness world and especially for postpartum moms. There is a lot of shit out there. This is my warning:) Everything we do in our prenatal and postpartum training aims to better the system as a whole. Yes, this means core function. From the base of your skull to the tip of your pubic bone, we want you thinking and bringing awareness to everything in between. When you do belly breathing, think about filling up your pelvic cavity with fresh oxygen, then move on to the top of each hip, and directly under your belly button. Get oxygen in your whole being.

Neck Rolls, Belly Breathing & Posture Awareness. Start with 10 neck rolls in each direction. Move on to belly  breathing while standing and tuning into your posture. Do this for about 5-7 minutes.


Functional Progression Part 2. Perform 3 x 10 reps on each side. Rest as needed.

Banded Good Morning. Perform 3 x 20 reps.



Overhead Pressing. These are comfortable working sets. Warm-up sufficiently before starting your first double. Reminder, no weight belt. You have to train your body right now and frankly a weight belt is not comfortable. Only take lifts you know you will make. Rest as needed.

Push Press 7 x 2

Strict Press 7 x 1




Interval Training. Contractions last 60-90s, so think about that during the 90 second rounds. Pick a weight for the wall balls in which you could do 10-12 reps in a row before needing a break. If you feel the urge to pee, stop and take a break. We want to stop before we actually pee in our pants. We want to practice lower abdominal and pelvic floor control.

Complete 4 rounds for reps of:

In 90s,  

12 Cal Row

Max Wall Balls 

-Rest 3 min-


If you have not listened to The BIRTHFIT Podcast,  that is today's bonus material. These are stories and experiences that are other people's. These are real life experiences that these men and women have chosen to share with the BIRTHFIT community because they love what BIRTHFIT stands for and the four pillars that we practice.