September 2016: Online Coaching


Warm Up  

Posture and Breath


The Functional Progression

FP1 x 10

FP5 x 10

FP2 x 10

FP6 x 10

FP3 x 10


For Quality

2 Rounds:

40 Face Pulls

10 Alternating KB Front Rack Lunges

60s Straddle Stretch




Warm up appropriately. Use a load on either option that is challenging but doable. You may also increase or decrease weight after the first round. Remember, we only take lifts we know we will make.


If belly is in the way, this is fun and spicy...


2 Kettlebell Cleans

5 Kettlebell Front Squat


If belly is not in the way, then use a barbell…


2 Hang Power Cleans

1 Front Squat


Pick a set of kettlebells in which you can complete the set of 50 in 2-3 efforts. There are three rounds of conditioning today. Each round is 2 minutes, and each rest is two minutes. Rest longer if needed. Have fun!


3 Rounds, AMRAP 2:

50 Double Kettlebell Swings

Max Air Squats

-Rest 2 minutes-


Stretch! Spend 5-10 minutes stretching on your own.

Down Dog to Plank (avoid hanging out in plank if DRA; down dog is okay) 

Deep Lizard