32 Questions to Ask Yourself & Your Care Provider

Questions to Ask Yourself: 


What is my birth philosophy? What is my partner’s?


Who is on my team? Who are my allies?


What is my role in achieving a healthy pregnancy and birth?


With each test, is this necessary? Which tests are necessary? What are the risks and benefits?


What type of pregnancy and birth education books have I read or will read?


What will I do or have I done in regard to birth education?


Do I want a doula? What is my budget? What are my options?


What happens if I go past my due date? No, but really, what does your doctor or midwife plan on doing?


If you have a doctor, how often does he or she induce? What is their cesarean rate?


Do I know medically necessary reasons to warrant a medical induction?


How will my care provider monitor baby during labor- intermittently or continuous (internal or external)?


What is an average length of pregnancy? How accurate are estimated due dates?


How do I feel about medical interventions such as Pitocin (even postpartum) or an epidural? What about forceps, vacuum, or a cesarean birth?


Will I have the freedom to walk, shower, move around during labor?


What do the first two hours look like for my baby? Skin-to-skin? Delayed medication and vaccinations if I chose to go that route?


What do I want my labor and delivery to feel like?


Have I put plays in motion to support the desires above?



Questions to Ask Your Care Provider: 


What is your birth philosophy?


Who backs you up? Is it possible to meet them?


What is my role in achieving a healthy pregnancy and birth?


Which tests are necessary? Which test are recommended by you and why?


What type of pregnancy and birth education books & classes do you recommend?


Do you recommend any doulas? If you do not, how do you feel if I have a doula?


What happens if I go past my due date?


How often do you perform inductions and what are the main reasons you do?


Is there anything you know about me and my baby that might suggest I would need an induction?


Talk to me about the Electronic Fetal Monitor.


Do you limit the length of labor? Even when mom and baby are fine?


Do you routinely use interventions? If so, what (Pitocin, forceps, episiotomy)?


What is your C-section rate? What is the main reason you perform C-sections?


Do I have the freedom to get up and move during labor and delivery?


Assuming all has gone well, will you allow for skin-to-skin contact between immediately after birth whether it is vaginal or C-section?