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Our team of BIRTHFIT Regional Directors consists of men and women around the world who are passionate about all things birth, all things fitness, & everything in between. Our blog, podcastonline coaching program and webinars are loaded with valuable information, but sometimes you just gotta get some talk time with a real person. Schedule one of these one-on-one consultations with someone from our BIRTHFIT team to get your questions answered and address specific issues.

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BIRTHFIT does not accommodate refunds or transfers for seminars, remote consultations, or online programs. 


Matching lab work with your diet?

The Black and White of Nutrition

with Dr. Gina Sirchio

Which supplement should you be taking and when? What foods should you avoid or add? Pre-conception, prenatal, post-natal, and breastfeeding stages each present their own unique challenges when it comes to nutrition. This consultation is ideal for anyone with nutritional, hormonal or metabolic concerns at any point along the reproductive path. Feel confident having your questions addressed. If lab work appears necessary, advice will be given on how to work with your primary care provider.

Length: 20 minutes   |   Cost: $49


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Before the Bump

with Brittany Anderson

Planning a pregnancy can be overwhelming, and with so much conflicting information out there, it can be incredibly challenging to know where to turn for guidance. In our experience, there is a lot of valuable information that is not covered in a typical preconception visit. Brittany is the designer of the Before the Bump program. This program is designed to fill those gaps, so that you have the essential information you need to support your health and that of your future baby.

Length: 20 minutes   |   Cost: $79


BIRTHFIT Basics Consultation

with Dr. Lindsey Mathews, DC

Your BIRTHFIT Basics consultation will provide you with new avenues to explore during your pregnancy or immediate postpartum period. Lindsey will offer specific strategies to enhance each of your four pillars- fitness, nutrition, chiropractic, mindset- as well as some intangible guidance. After your call, you will receive an outline of what was discussed so that you may start practicing and be in action around your desires. 

Length: 30 minutes   |   Cost: $129


Diastasis Rectus Abdominis, Urinary incontinence, prolapse?

Pelvic Floor and Core Health

with Dr. Erica Boland, DC

Dr. Erica Boland travels the United States and the world passionately discussing and studying the human core, pelvic floor, and breath. Women travel from all over to see her in her small Wisconsin town. This consult will help you to gain the confidence and knowledge needed to discover the current state of your entire core. This consultation will get you started on your healing journey if you are experiencing any core dysfunction symptoms such as diastasis rectus abdominis, urinary incontinence, prolapse of any kind, or every lower back or hip pain. 

Length: 20 minutes   |   Cost: $79

Questions about TRAINING during pregnancy or the first year postpartum?

Prenatal or Postpartum Training Q&A

with Coach Emily Russak

This consultation is ideal for coaches or athletes that have specific questions about prenatal or postpartum training. Coach Emily is a legendary strength and conditioning coach at DEUCE Gym in Venice, CA and formerly California's Strongest Woman. Bring your questions about adaptations and modifications, load and intensity, or movements for your unique situation. This is a direct, to-the-point consultation in which we usually have time for 2-4 questions. 

Length: 20 minutes   |   Cost: $79


Want to join the BIRTHFIT tribe?

Practitioner Support

with Dr. Lindsay Mumma, DC

This consultation is ideal for healthcare (midwives, chiropractors, ObGyns, physical therapists, acupuncturists) practitioners who are interested in incorporating the BIRTHFIT pillars into their practices or for those interested in joining the BIRTHFIT tribe as a Regional Director, BIRTHFIT Coach, or BIRTHFIT Professional. Dr. Lindsay Mumma will explain everything from requirements to expectations. 

Length: 20 minutes   |   Cost: $79

what is your relationship with food? 

Mind-Body Nourishment

with Melissa Hemphill, eating psychology coach

What we eat is only half of the story of good nutrition. The other half is who we are as eaters. A Mind-Body Nourishment consultation will reveal how stress physiology, your relaxation response, breathing, awareness, pleasure, meal timing and much more profoundly influence your digestion and calorie burning. 

Length: 20 minutes   |   Cost: $79


Ready for some real talk?

Transition Guidance

with Melissa Hemphill

Let's face it, we call it a motherhood transition for a reason. There's a lot of shift happening in and around you. We believe that the obstacle is the way; however, through our own lens, we may not always see through the obstacle. Magic Mel provides an outside voice and an objective ear. She is your BIRTHFIT sister that has embraced the motherhood transition, the ups and the downs and everything in between. She is eager to hold space for you to grow.

Length: 20 minutes   |   Cost: $79

want to learn tools to enhance nutrition?

Mind-Body Nourishment

with Laura Bruner, certified nutrition consultant

What we eat plays a huge part in the motherhood transition. Whether it's supporting fertility, pregnancy, or recovery and hormones in the postpartum period, what we choose to fuel our bodies with matters. A nutrition consultation will provide information and education that will help you tune into your own body's wisdom so you can listen to hunger and nutrient signals throughout this important phase of life and support your body, hormones, and growing babe in the process.

Length: 20 minutes   |   Cost: $79