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BIRTHFIT webinars are taught by BIRTHFIT regional directors, coaches, doulas, chiropractors and professionals—all badasses who are on top of their game and in the middle of the world of birth. Best of all, they're dropping their knowledge on you for free.

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Host: Lindsey Mathews, founder of BIRTHFIT
Length: 56 minutes

Just getting started on your BIRTHFIT journey? Let Dr. Lindsey guide you through all the need to knows and WTFs of the birth world. This is why we're here. This is what gets us out of bed every day. Welcome.


Nutritional Belief Systems

Host: Melissa Hemphill, regional director
Length: 45 minutes

Mel discusses our nutritional belief systems and how they show up in our lives. Mel brings to light how we assign morality to food, how we speak love through food both as the giver and the receiver, and gives actionable steps as to how we can step into the now so that we may practice embodiment within the motherhood transition.


Eating Psychology

Host: Melissa Hemphill, regional director
Length: 1 hour 39 minutes

This webinar addresses our special and complicated relationship to food. To the infant brain, mother, food, and love are all one beautiful experience.  This memory lives in every cell of our body and re-emerges throughout our lives. In this webinar, we address a mind-body approach to nutrition that will rock your world!  We also discuss the special nuances pregnant & postpartum women face in their relationship to food and present strategies to revolutionize your life experience during particularly challenging times.


Becoming a Regional Director

Host: Lindsay Mumma, regional director
Length: 1 hour 9 minutes

Want to know how to become a BIRTHFIT regional director? This one's for you. North Carolina's regional director, Lindsay Mumma, will dive into frequently asked questions about the process to become a representative of BIRTHFIT's four pillars in your area.


Unleash the Power of Rhythm

Host: Melissa Hemphill, regional director
Length: 57 minutes

Life is possible through rhythm: orbits, biogeochemical cycles, heart beat, breath, sleep, menstrual cycles, and metabolism. Without rhythm, disorder and disease occur. This is as true for heart arrhythmias as it is for metabolism. If you feel lost or uncomfortable in your relationship with food, rhythm is a beautiful place to start taking action. Learn how to work with your innate metabolic rhythm and how sleep complements this important Mind-Body Nutrition Dimension. This webinar will provide you action steps that are immediately applicable to your life and your future motherhood transitions.


Kasey's Body Image Journey  

Host: Kasey Fulwider, BF Nova Regional  Directorr

Length: 47 minutes

In this webinar, Kasey share's her personal body image journey through sport (cheerleading), the academy, and motherhood and marriage. She shares very intimate memories and gets vulnerable about the number on the scale, marriage, moving across country, birth, and the unexpected physical scars on her body after an unexpected cesarean scar. Kasey finishes the webinar describing her healing journey and the mantra she carries with her daily. . 


FITNESS // chiropractic 

Awaken Your Core

Host: Dr. Erica Boland, regional director
Length: 70 minutes

This webinar dives into the essence of our movement patterns. Dr. Erica Boland discusses how our core matures, and we evolve these innate motor patterns that we carry with us throughout our life.

Dr. Erica's Functional Progression is a specific movement sequence with a universal purpose. Based on the developmental patterns of infants, the functional progression should be used across the lifespan to connect to innate motor patterns and efficiently enhance stability, strength, and range of motion.

FITNESS // chiropractic 

Pelvic Floor & Core Health

Host: Dr. Erica Boland, regional director
Length: 49 minutes

Get ready to cover all things pelvic floor and core-related (as they pertain to pregnancy). This webinar will leave you feeling ready to take on and step into the postpartum fitness world with confidence. There is literally no better time than the present so whether you are currently expecting, just gave birth, have multiple babes or thinking about creating a human, this will benefit you!